Thursday, 31 October 2013

Piecing and quilting

There's a lot of piecing and quilting happening here at the moment, but unfortunately I can't show the finished quilts yet! Very frustrating. I will show some sneak peeks - the block above is part of a Dutch Quilt I recently made, using some Dutch farmers handkerchiefs my mother-in-law sent me.

Chevrons are everywhere, so I thought I should try them as well. The piece above is now part of a bag!

I played with some strips and made this block a while ago. It looks good, don't you think? I've made a few more now and will sew them together soon...

I am also experimenting with quilt blocks made from upcycled denim. In the last six years I have kept all the blue jeans from my sons, my husband and myself, so I have quilte a pile of fabric now. Let's make a quilt!

And last but not least, I am finally making an art quilt again! Here is a peek of a very small part of it. I will reveal more in four months or so...

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Charlotte Scott said...

You've been busy! I've been ogling chevrons too and thought I might have a go.
Is your colourful art quilt for 'Living Colour'? I haven't started my entry.