Monday, 8 July 2013

Antique quilts

The two antique quilts I bought online a while ago both arrived today - very exciting!

This Kite Quilt is so pretty - in a very good condition and so beautifully hand-quilted. My 8-year-old son just admired it and I told him that he can have it when he is grown up and has a baby - it will be a hundred years old then! (he was very impressed)

This one is also very beautiful.

It is machine quilted:

I'm very happy with my purchases and will keep my eye out for other small antique quilts. Have you ever bought an antique quilt?


Jantine said...

Ze zijn prachtig! Heb nog nooit een gekocht. Denk dat ze dan helemaal zouden vragen waar ik ze ging laten...

klazienshandwerk said...

Prachtige quilts Linda !

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Very nice quilts. You've picked your first two antiques very well! What will you be looking for next?