Sunday, 23 June 2013

Vintage Quilts

Working as the editor of a quilting magazine has definitely rekindled my love of quilts. In the last few weeks I have found myself looking for affordable vintage quilts on Etsy and Ebay - and after the initial hesitation I decided to take the plunge and just buy one! Or two, actually - the first one was the lovely red and white quilt above, in a pattern known as Glorified Nine Patch. I found it on Etsy and kept going back to it. It's now on its way here - can't wait to see it IRL!

And today I managed to snap up this lovely baby quilt from the 1930s on Ebay. This pattern is known as the Kite or Arkansas Star. Very sweet, isn't it?

And no, I'm not just looking at and buying quilts, I also made one (but can't show it here yet, sorry) and bought fabric for the next one. Yes, I am going to make a traditional quilt in red and white!

What kind of quilt? I'm not saying yet, but I will share my progress here. I did some cutting: these are 2.5in strips. Any guesses?

I'm afraid I won't have much time to do more in the next two weeks, as tomorrow my sister-in-law and her family arrive in Brisbane and on Friday we are going to Cairns for a holiday in the tropics!


Anonymous said...

Are you doing an Irish Chain in red and white? Just wondered, since I'm doing one in blues...

Charlotte Scott said...

When you said an editor of a magazine I didn't realise it was Down Under Quilts! And then there you were when I opened issue 158 this morning. Congrats!

Trillian As said...

You are working as editor of a quilting magazine? That is an amazing job! Love to hear more.
I love the seconed quilt you bought.