Friday, 16 November 2012


Last Saturday a big box was delivered on our deck... and in it were three Snugs!

You may remember that I mentioned in March 2011 that I was designing some new animal calligrams that might end up on children's pillows... It's taken a while, but Suzie from Snug-a-licious has created a gorgeous range of baby and children's products, featuring my calligrams. I am very proud to have been involved in this!

Suzie kindly sent each of my boys a Snug - they are lovely soft blankets that fold into a pillow, beautifully made and finished;

The boys love them - thanks Suzie!

Snug-a-licious also has lovely sleepwear and playwear for littlies - sadly, my boys are too big, but I think I know what their new cousin (due in January 2013) will get from the rellies in Oz... (aside from a quilt, of course!) These Hippo PJs are just too cute!


Jantine said...

O wat gaaf om jouw calligrafieën op deze manier terug te krijgen!

Anonymous said...

Cool man en de rompertjes zijn ook leuk!!
Doei Petra