Sunday, 2 October 2011

Good news

Coming back from our holiday I was very happy to find an email telling me that my Tuberculosis quilt is a finalist in the Political and Social Art Exhibit at the Infinite Art Gallery. It will be displayed on the website for the remainder of the year. You can read more about my quilt here and here.

We had a lovely holiday at our caravan at Wooyung Beach, but came home one day early because it rained so much. The photo above was taken yesterday afternoon at Hastings Point, a few kilometres north of Wooyung, on our way home. You can see the rain more or less above our caravan!

This is my favourite photo from this holiday. I am reading The Photographer's Eye by Michael Freeman, a great book about composition and design. I'm trying to apply what I read to my photography. More photos will be posted on my photography blog in the next few days.

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