Sunday, 25 September 2011


It has been a busy week here. It's the school holidays and all the boys, hubby and I have been sick with a horrible gastro bug. Everyone was sick for only one day, but the whole thing took almost a week and I was of course the last one to get it. Haven't felt so bad in years! But today I was well again and made these two cushion covers for our caravan. The zebra is one of the prints I made a while ago for the Animal Kingdom Challenge quilt - it looks good, doesn't it?

This newsprint fabric was a birthday gift from my friend Yasmin. I think it makes a great cover!

The boys did some painting today, and I decided to join in. Ernst (6) made this wonderful painting, called Electric Attack:

I polka dotted my canvas - inspired by the Polka Dots Forever Treasury List I made on Etsy today (please have a look, it really is fun!).

I am still figuring Etsy out - it is fun, but eating up a lot of my time! I have added quite a few new items to my shop, joined teams, formed circles etc... And become quite addicted to making Treasury Lists, which are collections of 16 items currently on sale at Etsy centered around a theme. So far I have used these themes: Zebra (surprise!), Rainbow, Blue and White, Stylish Screen Prints, Bicycle, Turquoise and Birthday Bash (wow, so many already!). There are so many original and beautiful items on Etsy! (and I try to add some Australian and Dutch items to every Treasury List)

On Wednesday we are going on a short holiday, to our caravan at Wooyung Beach of course. Looking forward to that! After the holidays I will start on a quilt for the Beneath the Southern Sky Challenge.

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Judy Warner said...

Hi Linda,
I am finally back to following my favorite blogs after a long time of travels. Great to see what you have been doing. Hope you are having a wonderful vacation.