Friday, 16 October 2009

Second Art and Craft Display

Remember the Art and Craft Display we had at my workplace, the Queensland Tuberculosis Control Centre, last year? This week we had the second edition of that event. My selvedge quilt had a prominent place (kept in place by some heavy medical textbooks!):

My colleagues loved the Tuberculosis journal quilt:

And I loved this throw knitted by one of them:

At home, I suddenly realised there are mandalas hidden in the woodwork!

I'm still adding seed stitches to the gymnasts quilt. It's getting a bit boring... But it has to be finished before the end of this month to try to enter it in the State of the Art Quilt 2010 exhibition.

Tomorrow the boys' grandparents are coming! They will be staying in Brisbane for 1 week, before travelling to the Whitsundays, so I think I won't be doing much quilting in the next few days. But it will be lovely to have some family here for a while.

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Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

What an interesting venue for a craft show! Thanks for posting the photos. I collected a few selvedges after seeing your quilt on Facebook, but I really don't need another project - especially one with many tiny pieces :D