Thursday, 18 December 2008


I haven't worked on the Aussie quilt this week (I have bought backing and batting though!) because I needed to finish some postcards and ATCs. I've made 4 postcards for a swap with some of my ATWI20Q mates, but can't show them here yet because they haven't arrived at their destinations.

I can show you an ATC I made for Laura:

I received this one from her:

I liked the daisy ATC so much that I made 3 more for the Cyber Fyber International Random ATC Swap:

And I made this one from a scrap for the stellar quilt, and thought it appropriate to send it to Chloe who set us the stellar challenge:

And finally I dyed some fabric- I tried to get a pink-to-red series, but it turned out more orange-y... Still, I like these fabrics and am sure I can use them. And it was good to some dyeing again!

Tomorrow we are going away, for a long weekend camping. Next week I hope to finish the top of the Aussie quilt!

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Sandra said...

Mooi die kaarten met Margrietjes! En je zelfgeverfde stoffen zijn altijd prachtig, die kleuren bij elkaar :0)