Thursday, 13 November 2008

Selvedge bookcover

With the selvedge strips from my birthday FQs I made a cover for my diary for next year:

And some postcards:

I really enjoy making things from selvedge strips. Did you know there is a blog dedicated to these things? Check out the awesome projects shown there!
(can some native English speaker explain to me the difference, if any, between selvedge and selvage? Thanks!)
So if you have any selvedge/selvage strips hanging around and you're not using them... ;-)

PS After posting this I left a comment at Karen Griska's Selvage Blog, telling her about my selvedge projects (I had sent her an email twice after making the selvedge bag, but they never arrived) and she immediately dedicated a blog posting to me! Gee - I'm chuffed! :-)) Thanks Karen!


Dianne said...

Love your selvedge/selvage work, Linda. You can take your pick out of these two spellings, they are both right - interchangeable I'd say. I usually use the first spelling I think?? It would be interesting to know the origins of the word.

Abby and Stephanie said...

I saw your gorgeous purse on Selvage. I've never seen the word spelled that way until I started blogging. Oxford Dictionary spells it selvedge.

Dutch scraps said...

I love your bag and your book covers. A new addiction for me I think, selvedges

Anonymous said...

I'm a quilter and editor who lobbies for the original (first in a dictionary entry) "selvage" spelling--selvage like luggage--it's the -age ending that's correct.
However, since it's something found at the edge of the fabric, the "selvedge" spelling turns up more and more (and I confess bothers me less and less). There's even a magazine titled Selvedge, which a with-a-d-spelling friend presented to me with an evil gleam in her eye.
One last push for "selvage:" In filling out this comment form, "selvedge" gets underlined (in other words, it's misspelled) while "selvage" does not. Ah ha! Proof on my side at last!
Love your work!
Linda the Editor

Vireya said...

Selvedge is the spelling I learnt as a child. I think selvage is the American spelling. The word comes from Middle English, influenced by Middle Low German "selfegge" according to the dictionary. It means "self" + "edge"; the edge woven so that it will not fray.

Linda Stokes said...

These selvedge works are great. I like using all the odd bits & pieces too.

jovaliquilts said...

It's such fun to get creative with throw-away stuff. It's no longer throw away, is it? Looks great!