Friday, 7 March 2008

ATCs and log cabin

Since the last posting I have been rather productive. I made 3 sets of ATCs out of the piece of weaved and embellished fabric:


The embellished set - one of these has gone to Susan Lenz for the Cyber Fyber Exhibition.


The feathered set - all of which are still here, waiting to be swapped (so if you're interested, please sent me an email!)

And a set for the Quiltuniversity Class Swap, which I won't show here yet.

And I worked on my log cabin quilt. I've made 25 blocks so far, it is going rather slowly as I do not have much time for sewing (a few hours in the evening when the boys are asleep; sometimes a little time during the day when the little ones sleep at the same time - but I have started my new job and am working 2 days per week now). But I'm very happy with the way it is turning out:



It's like being in love; I can't stop thinking about this quilt in the making! I intend to make 64 blocks (8x8) and put 2 borders on it. But that may yet change...
I won't have much time for quilting in the next few weeks though, as we have found another rental house and are going to move next week or the week after that...


Tonje said...

I really really like your black and white log cabin quilt. It's going to be gorgeous when it's finished. I also only have time for sewing after kiddies are in bed, and if I'm lucky a short while during the day when the littlest one sleep and the oldest one is in school...

Unknown said...

Gorgeous ATCs - really luxurious. And now I know what to do with my black ad white fabrics!

Delia (Del) said...

HI Linda
I love the black white and red quilt and log cabin is one of my fav.
Your ATC look great.

Nicole & Phil said...

the log cabin is looking terrific!
I am playingwith my black and white fabrics at the moment as well. My first black and white quilt I added green with it...and very happy with it.
Next is something with red, and then another with blue...and still there will be enough fabric for another 2-3 quilts..(I have been collecting black and white for about 6 years!)

corry said...

I love your log cabin, it's really beautiful!