Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lino print postcard

I made this postcard for the geometric forms postcard swap at my Dutch Fibermail group. I added some bobbinwork with Razzle Dazzle thread that I have had for quite some time but never used. I think it looks good, I may use it in a quilt someday.

Here is another postcard, it is not spoken for yet so if you want to swap a postcard just let me know.

Apart from the lino printing class I have signed up for Linda Schmidt's Filament Fantasy class at Quilt University. I have been wanting to do this class for ages, it just never came at the right moment. It should result in a quilt that I intend to give to my mother-in-law - whom I promised one in July last year, remember?

I am also working on a quilt for the Textile Tantrum Challenge at The Thread Studio.

Any day now our new niece or nephew will be born, and I promised - and will enjoy - to make a quilt for him or her. Could I have a few more hours in every day, please? ;-)


Sally Westcott said...

postcard is great! I'm loving the outside the square!


Desiree said...

Thanks for sending me the green one Linda! I'm very happy with it!