Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hubby's workplace

Hubby made this photo of his new room at work. Doesn't the quilt look good on that wall? :-)
(he also still has the postcard we gave him for Father's Day 2008)

I am making one of the lino prints of Ernst into a quilt, but can't show it here yet because I may try to enter it into The New Quilt 2010.

Today I bought some more lino sheets, I hope to do some printing tonight. I have an idea for the Flora quilt for Art Quilts Around the World...

Hope to be able to show more soon!


I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

what a lovely clean work space, I adore that quilt on the wall, simply stunning.

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

His quilt looks fabulous, you did such a nice job on it. Wish my sewing room was as neat as his office. Is he a Virgo?

Lynn said...

Your work looks wonderful on tne wall but I see he will indeed be facing it...I would be sucked into it and not be able to do a lick of work.

Sunday I was Amish Quilts some done as optical illusions and oh so beautiful. You would have loved them too.

Selvage Quilter said...

The quilt looks great in his office. And I too noticed how neat his workspace is!

I finished the second book in the Millenium series, and ordered the third from an Australian company on eBay. I can't wait until they release it in the USA in October; that's too long. I'm so glad you recommended these books. Thanks.